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Recycle Your Driveway specializes in all recycled materials for your driveway, whether you need a new driveway or resurface your old one. Recycled asphalt being our premier product, gives you a longer life for your driveway, without having to add material as often or as much as with other materials. Recycled asphalt can be a fantastic option for your driveway, parking pad, walkway, golf cart path, parking lots.

In addition to new driveway installation and resurfaced recycled driveways, we also construct commercial and agricultural parking lots, parking pads, perform pothole repair, and build and refurbish cart paths and walking paths.

We also offer installation services for culverts or curbing and perform landscaping consultation, commercial snow removal and hauling. Servicing Winnipeg And The Surrounding Areas.

Affordable Pothole Repair By
Recycle Your Driveway

Why Pay More When You Can Have A Fantastic Driveway Repair For Less?

Recycle Your Driveway now offers inexpensive driveway pothole repair! From commercial lots to residential driveways, large or small, driveway potholes can be repaired effectively using your recycled asphalt materials. Our method of application of these recycled materials is more economical than traditional hot asphalt or cold mix repairs. Why pay more when you can have a fantastic driveway repair for less? Providing driveway pothole repair in Winnipeg and surrounding areas!

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Benefits of Recycled Asphalt Driveways

Stays Where It Lays and Doesn’t Track Away

Recycled asphalt is a stick to your driveway and not to your shoes solution. It’s clean, reliable and less expensive than other traditional driveway materials. You use less material to cover the same surface area than you would with other materials such as Limestone or Slag. Once completely saturated, standing water usually evaporates quickly. It’s also a great base for a clean dark stone driveway because you would need less clean stone for coverage.

Why Recycled Asphalt Driveways Are A Good Investment:
  • Relatively Easy To Maintain
  • Uses Less Material Saving You Money As It Takes Less Material For Finished Coverage.
  • Cleaner Than Your Traditional Gravel Down Material (Limestone, A-Base, Concrete Gravel)
  • Competitively Priced Compared To Traditional Materials
  • A Clean Product That Reduces Dust Levels.
  • Packs Harder Than Other Materials

Our recycled asphalt is created by crushing reclaimed asphalt from streets and driveways and doesn’t contain any shingles or inferior fillers. Recycled asphalt is offered in two sizes (2″ and 3/4″) and is an environmentally friendly choice. This is important as we only want to use the best materials for your recycled driveway.

Recycled asphalt is a great choice for new driveway installation, resurfacing your current driveway, agricultural parking lots, parking pads, pothole repair, and to build and refurbish cart paths and walking paths.

Get The Most Out Of Your Recycled Driveway

We Offer Multiple Types Of Recycled Driveway Materials

While recycled asphalt is our premiere driveway material, Recycle Your Driveway also offers a multitude of other driveway materials such as recycled concrete and recycled limestone. We pride ourselves on quality work completed on time and at a reasonable and fair price.

We will guide you every step of the way from prepping, to curbing, preparing the base for your driveway and of course, laying down your actual driveway. Contact us for more information about choosing the best material for your driveway.

We Use Only The Best Materials

Recyceled Asphalt Winnipeg

Recycled Asphalt

Recycled asphalt is clean, reliable and inexpensive. Requiring less material to cover the same surface area than other materials, recycled asphalt a fantastic base for a clean dark stone driveway.

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Recycled Congrete Gravel Winnipeg

Concrete Gravel

Recycled crushed concrete, is a very popular replacement for natural stone aggregates and is normally made up of old concrete from sidewalks, pavements, curbing and building slabs.

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Limestone and More

Crushed limestone is an great option offering beautiful grayish-white hues that compliment any style of yard or driveway. We also offer GeoTech fabric that can help extend the longevity of your driveway.

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Reliable, Experienced,
Quality Workmanship For
Every Project

You can put your mind at ease with our honest and reliable services. You can count on us to provide the quality workmanship and dependability you deserve for a fair price because there’s no pride in taking you for a ride.

We offer a full line of aggregate product, soil, sand and gravel delivery, excavating and hauling as well as skidsteer service in addition to the services listed below. For more information, Contact us.

Recycle Your Driveway New Driveways Winnipeg

Driveway Resurfacing

If your current driveway has seen better days, Recycle Your Driveway can breath new life into it by resurfacing it with one of our quality recycled aggregate products.

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Recycle Your Driveway New Driveways Winnipeg

Parking Lots

If you need to lay down a new parking lot or resurface your current one, Recycle Your Driveway can provide you with a quality paring lot of any size.

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Recycle Your Driveway New Driveways Winnipeg

New Driveways

If you need a brand new driveway, Recycle Your Driveway will guide you through the process of planning your driveway and choosing the best material for your needs.

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Recycle Your Driveway New Driveways Winnipeg


Culverts allow water to flow under a road, trail, or other obstruction from one side to the other and are essential for proper drainage and the prevention of the pooling of water around your driveway.

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Other Services We Offer

DIY Landscaping

Landscaping DIY & Prepping

Need your lawn landscaped but don’t know where to start? We offer landscaping consultation so you can beautify your yard with confidence.

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Bobcat Service

Bobcat Service

We offer a wide range of bobcat services in Winnipeg and the surrounding region including excavation and grading services.

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Add that special touch to your yard by adding curbing and borders to your driveway or garden.

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driveway maintenance

Driveway Maintenance

In order to ensure the longevity of any driveway, it needs to be maintained and taken care of.

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Recycle Your Driveway offers hauling services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Need junk, materials or taken away?

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snow removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Need reliable snow removal services? Recycle Your Driveway offers reliable and fast commercial snow removal services.

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